There’s only one reason to do mobile advertising: it works. But, it could work better and that’s where Adsperity comes in. We’re rethinking and reinventing every aspect of mobile ad creation to minimize uncertainty and maximize ROI. It all starts with our Pre-Analytics™ algorithm that determines the likely success of an ad and the more ads it analyzes the more accurate it becomes.

Pre-Analytics™: Know what will work before it works.

Mobile advertising generates immense amounts of data and there’s no reason not to harness that data before an ad even runs. Our proprietary algorithm measures key performance indicators and analyzes the ads you create to determine their likely effectiveness. What do we analyze?

File size
File format
File type
Banner shape
Word count
Image count
Starting events
Rich media qualities

Not only does our algorithm predict success it also learns from real-world data. So, the more ads created with Adsperity the smarter our program becomes.

Custom tracking: Mobile cookies are garbage so we made something better.

At best, mobile cookies are unreliable. At worst they’re useless. The reason? There is no universal support for 1st or 3rd party cookies across all operating systems, browsers or devices.

We’ve created a custom cookie to bolster standard cookies that gathers data instantly as soon as an ad is delivered. It gives you:

Time spent


Most mobile devices clear their cache in a matter of hours making the need for instant data vital.

Anabolic Analytics: Custom dashboards put you in complete control.

Our custom dashboards, SmartVision™ and Vision™, deliver all the information you need about your ads. SmartVision™ measures Pre-Analytics™ and determines an ad’s likely success while Vision™ reports real-time real-world performance. All this information helps you improve and optimize current ads and create even more effective new ones.

Our full-featured dashboards provide:

Customizable dashboard modules and saved views

Easily customized, shareable reports in multiple formats

Pre-Analytics™ analysis

Real-time data and insights