We see mobile advertising as the great disruptor and enabler for both businesses and consumers. But, when we look at the state of mobile advertising we see immense amounts of unrealized potential.

We exist to make Mobile Ads work.

Built on legacy thinking and technology, mobile advertising hasn’t been innovating to keep up with the fast passed world of mobile technology. So we’re doing something about it with one over-riding goal—make mobile ads work. And, working to us means maximizing ROI in terms of cost, effort spent and effectiveness. It’s been our mission from day one and it’s our mission every day we come to work.

Graphic showing office location in Austin, Texas

Based in Austin, Texas, we’ve gathered a team of mobile industry veterans, technology evangelists, award-winning designers and hard-core software developers with a passion for rethinking and reinventing everything about mobile advertising from the way it's analyzed, and created to the way it's delivered.

We're committed to continuously refining our analytics algorithms, creation tools, and customer engagement efforts. Your experience with our tools and your voice in our community helps us improve Adsperity every day.

And, with the backing of our U.S. parent company Ballantine Communications, Inc.—a 60 year veteran of developing and operating media products and companies across print, video and digital formats—there’s nothing holding us back from achieving our goal: ROI or die.

Doug Bennett, CEO & Co-founder

CEO & Co-founder

Douglas Bennett, a digital media and mobile technology pioneer, began crafting innovative mobile advertising techniques in the early 2000s. His many successes paved the way to him serving on the Google Publisher Advisory Council, the Google Customer Advisory Council, and many others. Also the CEO of Ballantine Communications, Doug's primary responsibility at Adsperity is to set a higher bar for mobile ROI and ensure it is not only met but exceeded.

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John Bennett, COO & Co-founder

COO & Co-founder

John Bennett is Adsperity’s in-house, hands-on innovator and day-to-day leader. His primary focus is to ensure the Adsperity tool meets client expectations while continuously improving and growing its capabilities. Before joining Adsperity, John held several leadership positions at Tanisys Technology including President and CEO.

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Justin Radeka, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Justin Radeka is a serial product developer and technology evangelist who’s led major initiatives at ARM, Cisco, and HP. His belief that mobile advertising technology should work harder and produce better results, birthed the Adsperity platform and remains the organization's guiding principle.

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